Las Vegas Equine Assisted Learning and Healing Center Inc. 

dba Healing Horses
Working with horses gives individuals a unique opportunity to learn about themselves.  By interacting with horses in various ways, individuals struggling with complex and challenging disorders such as PTSD, addiction, and depression are able to access and express previously blocked emotions, significantly increase their self-awareness, reduce their anxiety, and learn to communicate and solve problems more effectively.  Regardless if you're working with a therapist (EAP) or with an equine specialist (EAL), your emotions are felt by the horses and mirrored back to help you identify blocks. 
Horse guided life coaching is also available giving those who are seeking a Life Coach to assist them in making life changes, an untraditional way of moving forward in reaching their goals by using the horse as a tool to reduce anxiety, align focus and receive support in a positive environment.
We are proud to be adding our Horse Rescue program in the near future.  With our non-profit program, we will be able to bring unwanted horses into the therapy program and give them a second chance. 

This program will be launched in the next few months.  Stay connected and for our current updates.